About Us

caregiver with an elderly woman, outdoors

Who We Are

Serving the communities of Ohio, M & N Care Agency LLC is a locally owned and operated home care agency with a commitment to compassionate service. We are an advocate for providing quality care, allowing individuals to live independently in their homes. With our expertise and heartfelt support, we give clients the peace of mind they deserve. The heart of our care is set to cater to the needs of new moms, soon to be mothers, seniors, veterans, or anyone who requires our care.

Our team is composed of qualified and reliable caregivers that render top-notch services. They have undergone a rigorous hiring process which includes an in-depth personal interview, a comprehensive background check, and verification of personal and professional references. This is done to ensure that our clients will have confidence in receiving care from our staff.


The Agency’s mission is to provide paraprofessional services to clients in their place of residence; hereby, assisting them to realize his or her highest level of independence and quality of life. We are committed to providing quality care/services by staff members who recognize the value of the aged and disabled.


We strive to be one of the leading providers of a wide range of quality care and services recognized for enduring dedication to provide innovative, professional, and compassionate home care services to the communities we serve. We envisioned:

  • To be the employer of choice in the community of Ohio
  • To be a financially viable home care agency


Our mission and vision will be achieved through the application of our core values, which include:

  • To keep our clients healthy, ensure a good quality of life and well-being
  • To treat our clients with respect, dignity, compassion, empathy, honesty
  • To maintain the confidentiality of client information
  • To respect other cultures, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, age, gender and disabilities
  • To develop a healthy relationship with referral sources and effectively meet our client’s home needs
  • To provide continuous learning for employees in home care and ensure quality improvement measures throughout our Agency

Got Questions in Mind?

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